Covering Cory’s Funeral and Wake

In Uncategorized on August 8, 2009 by ayshey

I started stringing for X news recently under Luis L., a great photog. He will most probably be the next photographer I will talk to on Spotlight, the section here where I ask informal questions from photogs and some people in the industry. So anyway, as a stringer for this Chinese news agency, I had fun and got my muscles flexed again. My instincts are getting there. I made many mistakes but Bogs, another friend who is also contributing to X, said its just birthpangs . Onga. Haha. So anyway, the fun-nest day was the Cory funeral. My buddy was N. She shoots for Bloomberg. Yes, she is a veteran when it comes to these things. But it was a real day of laughs ( police shouting at us, etc.)  and full of adrenalin ( trying to get on a media truck,etc ). We started at 630am and ended our day at around 4pm. We started filing our pix by that time. Then it rained hard again. The streets were empty as we sped through Taft and Quezon Blvd. Ahh, the nation did mourn the passing of Cory.

_-25 copyHere are some pix._-86 copy_-291 copyCoffin o1Cory Aquino Funeral


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